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benedictxv asked: You're stunning -


midnightt-city asked: followed babe, i'm not exactly someone to beat around the bush (guessing y'know what that means lol) but you've got great boobs by the looks of it ;)

:* oh dear, haha thank you! X

You -

I thought I buried you and covered the tracks, now I’ll have to take this with my cold dead hands. I thought I buried you, but what’s dead can never die.

Can’t you tell from the look in my
eyes, we’re going nowhere.

I thought I cut you loose and served the feelings, but you’ve slipped through the cracks and caved in my ceiling.

You rise from the dead all over again
And our secrets won’t sleep until they’re took to our fucking graves.

Siren the signals, Rally the troops
Lady’s and gentlemen,
This is the moment of truth